Changes with the Bunches

Many changes surrounding the Bunches!  And I know some of you are thinking, “what’s new”? We are an ever evolving family.  Long story short Melissa has accepted a new teaching positon at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, TX.  And for me, I have returned to the funeral business.  For those of you who don’t know, I worked for Hopper Funeral Home in my hometown of Barbourville, KY, right out of highschool for several years.  God has truly helped both of us dodge some major “bullets”.  Y’all know what I mean by that!  Melissa has been given a promotion to a girl’s athletic coordinator.  I am again a funeral director’s assistant.  I have decided it’s time to go full throttle and get my funeral director’s license.  I also have my real estate education in tact and will proceed taking my test to aquire that license as well.
So now you’re wondering what about singing?! I will still travel and sing, fulfilling all scheduled dates.  I do not plan to come off the road completely.  But, keeping a schedule at the level it needs to be to support my family at this time is not happening.  If you read my last email you have been clued in on where I am at this stage in life and career.  I truly love the funeral business.  My heart for hurting families is the same as my heart for ministry.  Actually for me the funeral business is ministry.
Now, I do have to share how this came about.  I had spent two days on the phone calling funeral homes across the area to offer my music/singing services, as well as asking if they were seeking employees for assistants.  The only funeral home that asked for an inteview hired me.  The neat story is when I went in to sign my paperwork the general mangager and I had a personal conversation.  I shared with her about the delcine in my concert schedule and she shared with me that she had been praying God would send her another director’s assisant AND she was pregnant!  She said, “…and here you are…”.  Now as weird as that is, she went on to say the doctors had told her and her husband they would never have children.  And to top it off, her husband has already picked out the name for the baby….Shannon!  God could have not been any more clear that He had put me where He wants me to be for this season in my life.  So with all that said, come and see me at a city near you!  Follow the schedule for upcoming The BUNCH Stops Here. I’ll keep you updated as I can.
Much love to all y’all!


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