The Music Continues…

I feel a need to clear up some confusion that may have occured for some readers from my last email and social media/website posting. I have not nor plan to come off the road. Music and ministry is still continuing. I am continuing my work at the funeral home and plan to begin my classes in January to obtain a funeral director’s certificate.
With that said the climate of the church world has changed over the past several years and scheduling dates have become more difficult. In order to keep up with those changes a new recording would helpful to reach other church markets. As I am asked all the time when will I record again. When the Lord chooses to provide the finances to do so I’ll be ready! At this point there is much to overcome. However, I trust AND know that God has a master plan. His provisions and faithfulness have always been AND will always be sufficient.
With that said I am in need of dates in the upcoming months and already scheduling for 2019. Add your next event The BUNCH Stops Here itinerary!  Schedule posted is up to date.

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