What’s Up? Quick glance of 2017

Hey folks!   I can’t believe we have already entered into 2018.  The old adage says that time flies when you’re having fun.  We all know time flies whether your having fun or not!  2017 wasn’t exactly the best year for us.  For those who have been subscribed to my email list know that earlier this year my 2nd momma, my spiritual compass and “go-to” passed away in January.  Melissa’s dad passed away only 2 weeks later.  Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy but these were about 2 weeks apart making it even more difficult to process.  But we take comfort knowing they’re at peace with God and personally we have no regrets.  When you take the time to tell others how much you appreciate and love them leaves a settled peace in our hearts.  Last year also brought challenges for ministry in regards to keeping a schedule booked to provide for my family.  I will only say the loss of income was significant between the lack of bookings and a few cancellations along the way.  As the holiday season was approaching an opportunity to supplement income presented itself with a job doing seasonal delivery for UPS.  All I can say is I have a greater appreciation for all delivery companies who make our lives easier.  But word to the wise… BE SURE YOUR HOUSE, MAILBOXES, AND STREET CURBS NUMBERS ARE VISIBLE! Night deliveries are slowed down when this isn’t the case.  And when you start shining flashlights toward houses it can and did on a few occasions put the homeowner on high alert.  And this is Texas!  They don’t ask questions first if you know what I mean.
My website was hacked.  If you have tried to access my website over the past few weeks you have noticed the destabilization and/or the deletion of some pages.  I check my website every few weeks to make sure it’s still in tact and functioning normally. It had apparently been down since Dec 29 and I did not know that until mid January.  Be assured if you are subscribed to the email list your email addresses have NOT been compromised since they are stored on a 3rd party server not associated with the web hosting company.  The web designer, Terry Grieves @ digitaltoadgraphics.com has worked many hours getting site back up and running.  If you need a web/graphic work I highly recommend Terry.
Now it appears the mobile version of the site is in tact.  When using a mobile device you are automatically redirected to that site.  This has been a feature long overdue.  I hope it helps visitors more easily navigate my site.  A few tweaks are yet to bring it 100%.  Thi sis mainly the music page.  You may also use social media, Facebook or Twitter to get the latest information.   
I’ll not rattle on much more other than I am needing dates booked for 2018.  Those who don’t do or have no knowledge of how all this works to stay on the road and be able to share my music don’t realize it takes a lot of calls and emails to church leaders to get it done.  I would like to have already booked much of my year.  But between last fall being on the road for 11 out of 12 weeks and then coming into the holidays it’s just about impossible to make it all happen.  So if you are in church leadership or a church member or promoter who is interested in scheduling a concert use the contact form on the website and I’ll be in touch shortly.  Always keep in mind wherever you have connections I can book them with your help.  It doesn’t have to be just in your region.
I guess I rattled more than I intended.  Check out my schedule, The Bunch Stops Here and I hope to see you soon in a city near you.